Curtain design is our life

Hot July evening.
Two women at the table, with a freshly brewed cup of coffee with milk. It's a mother with her daughter talking about the past day.

Then, suddenly and quite spontaneously, as if the idea suddenly came to mind, there are significant words: "Let's create the most beautiful curtains of the world?" - "OK" :)

Both felt that it was just what they wanted to do in life!
Effortlessly, the ideas themselves came to mind, one by one. It quickly turned out that the design of curtains is easy and gives us incredible joy. We had the impression that something was missing in our life, why did not we come to that earlier?

Thus, the "Maximiliano" brand was created - in honor of the first son and grandson of Maximilian! In every veil lies a part of us, our soul and our heart.

Welcome to our World!

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